Stripe twill sportcoat in Ludlow fit

Stripe twill sportcoat in Ludlow fit

Stripe twill sportcoat in Ludlow fit (clipped to


Cordones – Black Canvas Men’s Oxfords |

Cordones - Black Canvas Men's Oxfords |

Cordones – Black Canvas Men’s Oxfords | (clipped to


Even if I don’t – Rachael Yamagata

I LOOVE Rachael Yamagata. Seriously. Before Mr.Gigi she got me through some notable heartbreaks and even though I don’t consider myself a “music” person (prose, prose, and more prose please), I can definitely quote every song from Yamagata’s album “Happenstance”. … Continue reading


Vogue’s Spring 2012 Accessories Guide

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I’ve just finished checking out Vogue’s Spring 2012 Accessories Guide and there are a few things I’m SUPER excited about, as well as a few things that make me want to shake Anna Wintour. I am aware that I am a librarian … Continue reading


Kate Middleton Inspired Look of the Day

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The week us upon us! One aspect of Kate Middleton’s fashion choices is that she is not afraid of color. Part of this probably has to do with how teeny-tiny she is so she doesn’t have to worry about white, … Continue reading


The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

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5 Stars I don’t like car-racing at all. I don’t understand it, I resent that race-week makes my hometown (Charlotte) go insane, and I think it is an irresponsible waste of fossil fuel. In this light it is obvious that I did not plan … Continue reading


PolyvoreDOTcom! is my new favorite thing! This website is fantastic for playing around with clothes and finding different looks. I’ve been using it to try and find outfits that I can actually afford (hello H&M and Belk sale rack), but … Continue reading